Thursday, July 6, 2017

Howdy Hombre

Greetings. The following post will simply consist of a few photographs with brief captions.

A few old favorites. The regens are such a blast because they use telescopic antennas and I carry them with me on walks. So much fun! I heard my first spy station on the prototype to one of these. The DC RX in the top left hand corner will work decent with a telescopic whip too, It has joined me on a number of walks. The micromountaineer was so much fun to build, I sure learned a lot and Wes even gave me pointers via email (what a great guy!).

"To Measure is to know"  - I cite Kelvin, K3NHI, Pops (BPO) & Wes

Messy bench... I usually have dozens of aborted circuit ideas in a pile on the corner of the work bench. It's handy to be able to reach in a grab a low pass filter, mixer, audio amp, oscillator that I recall being in this rats nest but I generally do prefer to keep more organize. I have several towering stacks of tupperware containers full of circuits like this. It's a goldmine of parts and a testament to the experiments I've done while studying the theory of radio frequency design (I'm just talkin' 'bout home brewin', baby! Everyone's doin' it!)

 The above is a direct conversion receiver design I began earlier this year to take with me to the 2017 OzarkCon event.

I wanted to build a SSB transceiver and decided to go with the Epiphyte 3. Still considering how I will go about creating the transmit chain as I do not have a CA3020 in my junk box (and I doubt many of you do either). Earl Andrew's (Netty Electronics, up in Canada) has some for around $10 shipped but that price is too high for me to justify so I will enjoy discovering a different solution. 

Well, that's it for now, my friends. Thank you for taking time to visit.